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Legal Information

WLBC-Lighthouse Christian Radio is a ministry of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Valdosta, Georiga. As a tax-exempt service under Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code, WLBC is operating as a non-commercial station, per 17 U.S.C section 112 & 114. WLBC is defined as a noninteractive service, creating transmissions adherent to the sound recording performance complement, while not allowing the listener a reasonable foreknowledge of the transmission of a specific sound recording at a specific date and time (e.g., by the use of a published advanced program, playlist, announcement, etc.). WLBC is not creating transmissions as part of an "archived program" (a) less than 5 hours in duration, or (b) available for a period exceeding 2 weeks, nor creating transmissions as part of a continuous program less than 3 hours in duration. WLBC creates audio-only transmissions (i.e. without the use of video imagery synchronized with the audio transmission), reasonably cooperating to prevent certain kinds of selective transmitting and/or illegal copying of the transmission by the listener. WLBC uses an ephemeral phonorecord (CD, Tape, Digital MP3, etc) created from a copy of a sound recording that was authorized by the sound recording copyright owner for commercial release, reasonably not interfering with technical copyright protection techniques, and identifying on the receiving device, in textual data, simultaneous to the transmission, the following identifying elements related to the sound recording being transmitted: (a) the name of the featured artist, (b) the title of the sound recording, and, to the extent that one exists, (c) the title of the phonorecord embodying such recording (recording meta-data information).

Additionally, Lighthouse Baptist Church maintains annual licensing and reports to SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI, & SECAP to ensure proper royalties are distributed for music played by the station.


About the Broadcast

Pastor Jimmy Burt of Lighthouse Baptist Church will be coming to you every weekday with a moment of encouragement and enthusiasm that will lift your spirit and encourage your walk with God.

These broadcasts are on WZYN 810 AM radio station at 5:00pm and on the WZYN 810 website at 5am & 5pm Monday through Friday.

Every Sunday morning we broadcast live from the auditorium of Lighthouse Baptist Church on WVGA 105.9 FM from 10:30am until 12:00pm.  The Sunday Morning broadcast can also be heard live at and streamed from their media streaming app.

We hope that you join us every weekday, and allow us to bring some encouraging words into your daily life

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4565 Bemiss Road
Valdosta, GA 31605