I.     Introduction

A. Mission Statement

The mission of Lighthouse Christian School is to train young people to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and to develop them to their fullest potential in all areas of life.  We are committed to being an extension of the Christian home; working closely with parents to train the whole child; training Christian youth in the highest principles of Christian leadership; and teaching Biblical doctrines of self-discipline, respect for those in authority, obedience to the law, and love for flag and country.

B.  Philosophy

The purpose of Lighthouse Christian School is to give the Christian parent an opportunity to obey the commands of Scripture: "Train up a child in the way he should go..." and "bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord" (Proverbs 22:6, Ephesians 6:4). We exist as an extension of the Christian home in our society so that the Christian parent will not violate the Scripture which says, "Cease my son to hear the instruction that causeth to err from the words of knowledge" (Proverbs 19:27) and "learn not the way of the heathen..." (Jeremiah 10:2). There is no way for the Christian who is responsible for his children's education to obey the Scripture apart from a Christian education, i.e., every subject taught according to the principles of and within the framework of the Word of God. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge" (Proverbs 1:7).

The purpose of Lighthouse Christian School is to provide conditions whereby boys and girls can receive the Truth. Jesus instructed His disciples in John 8:32,"And ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free." Not only is it our objective to teach the Truth but also to teach our students how to apply the Truth wisely to their own lives. In John 16:13 we are promised that"...when He, the Spirit of Truth is come, He will guide you into all truth."

Our Christian school has the responsibility to provide the best possible education. A Biblical viewpoint in the vital areas of life -- spiritual growth, education, personal self-discipline, and patriotism -- must be strongly stressed to each student during his years of training. We desire to minister to the needs of the whole child and to promote his spiritual and moral growth, academic and intellectual progress, and physical and social development.

Additionally, our Christian School is to be an extension of the Christian home and church, thus providing a continuity of training for Christian young people.  We, as Christian educators, desire to train each student to accept individual responsibility to God for his actions and challenge him to glorify God in every facet of his life.

Product Evaluation:

  1. Lighthouse Christian School is built on the philosophy that the Christian school is an integral part of the local church and an extension of the home. Lighthouse Christian School is one of many ministries of Lighthouse Baptist Church. The deacons and trustees of the church are the "Official School Board."
  2. Our number one priority is a spiritual emphasis. This is accomplished in several ways:
  3. The Pastor (Under-Shepherd), Associate Pastor, and Youth Pastor influence the school in several ways. The Pastors speak regularly to the school faculty in order to exhort and remind them that they are working not for men, but for the Lord. Our Pastors likewise speak regularly in chapels.
  4. The Bible is held up as the only absolute rule for faith and practice. It has a direct influence on faculty, curriculum, social practices, and discipline. Each faculty member must agree with our Statement of Faith and be a Spirit-filled follower of Christ, representing God to the student. Textbooks and PACEs are corrected by the Bible, not the other way around. Subject and course content (curriculum) are selected based on how they contribute towards the goal of Christian service. Education is the means to an end, not an end in itself.
  5. The Administrator/Principal influences the spirituality of the school through daily prayer meetings and sharing of Scriptural principles with the faculty.
  6. Supervisors influence the spiritual atmosphere by having prayer before every class begins. They let students know God is present and watches all that we do. As they supervise activities, they ensure that the activities always have a spiritual emphasis. The Christian supervisor exercises authority over the student in order to serve the student in his quest for Christ-likeness.
  7. The textbooks, PACEs, and curriculum influence the spiritual atmosphere of the school. Supervisors are taught to think Scripturally in their learning centers. They should be able to define their subjects in the most basic language. They should know the Biblical source and origin for that subject. Likewise, they should know the Scriptural end and purpose for their discipline, be it music, language, math, or geography. Supervisors are taught to know the vocabulary of their subject in order to recognize the Scriptural references and illustrations.
  8. The students directly influence the spiritual atmosphere. We believe a "Christian School" must be made up of predominantly born-again students who willingly cooperate academically and spiritually. Students not only need to absorb spiritual truth, but must be given an outlet as well.
  9. The evaluation process is primarily accomplished by evaluating the product (the student).  Classroom supervisors are observed at various times throughout the year and evaluation reports given to them related to their Christian classroom teaching abilities, as well as their overall spiritual contribution to the school program. Lighthouse Christian School has won many awards at the Regional and International Student Competition every year of existence. Christian Evaluation Committees are invited periodically to evaluate whether we are meeting our goals. Supervisors require students to maintain notebooks in certain areas and occasionally do research papers in order to insure that independent thinking takes place and not only dependence upon the PACE (as in fill-in-the-blank). All these methods of evaluation are used to help us press toward God's standards for us as a "Christian school." We believe this standard is primarily "spiritual excellence" and that academic and social excellence, as well as souls won, are the natural by-products of this primary goal of reproducing a generation of Christians who want to live a holy life before God and win others to Christ.

Christian School vs. Non-Christian School:

Lighthouse Christian School is "Christian" in direction, purpose, and practices and completely differentiates from a non-Christian school for the following reasons:

C.  Goals/Objectives

  1. Direction (Goals of School)
  2. We want all of our students to be led to a personal acceptance of Christ as Savior. A non-Christian school ignores God and uplifts man.
  3. We encourage our students to be interested and consistent in their devotional life. Non-Christian schools teach self-assessment.
  4. We want each student to grow spiritually and become a well-balanced, Christ-like person. A non-Christian school is not concerned with a student's spiritual life.
  5. We want students to know and love God's Word and test all knowledge in light of the Bible. In a non-Christian school, the Bible is not allowed to be used for any purpose.
  6. We want students to respond according to Bible principles and not according to "feelings." Non-Christian schools teach students to do what feels best.
  7. We want the student to be loyal to Christ in all things and at all times. The non-Christian school teaches loyalty to self or peers.
  8. We want the student to yield his body as an instrument of God's use. The non-Christian school teaches students to prepare for vocations that can best support them materially.
  9. We want all our students to further their education at fundamental Christian colleges and universities. The non-Christian schools promote secular universities.
  10. Purpose (Purpose of School)
  11. We want parents to obey the Scriptural command to "bring up a child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." The non-Christian school's purpose is to train a student to fit into society.
  12. We want children to be taught every subject according to the principles of and within the framework of the Bible. The non-Christian school cannot do this without supervisors who know the Lord as Savior and teach His Word in conjunction with their discipline.
  13. Methods of Practices (Doctrinal Statement)
  14. All Lighthouse Christian School supervisors must represent God before the students and are encouraged to be church members at Lighthouse Baptist Church.  Non-Christian schools have supervisors of all beliefs and "unbeliefs."
  15. The Bible is held up as the only absolute rule for faith and practice. It influences everything we do and think. Non-Christian schools have no absolutes.
  16. Textbooks that are Christian in content are used. Secular textbooks, if used, and the humanistic philosophies contained therein are corrected by the Word of God. "Let God be true and every man a liar." Non-Christian schools honor the ungodly authors of secular textbooks and consider the Christian writer narrow-minded and uneducated.
  17. We expect students to live above reproach showing respect to God, country, family, faculty, and fellow students. Criticism, griping, and uncooperative attitudes are therefore not tolerated. Non-Christian schools are a hotbed of rebellion against authority. Immorality and loose living are not punished, but rather, winked at.
  18. Dress Codes are maintained considering modesty: boys and girls dress to fit their gender and identify with the people of God, not the people of the world. This means girls wear skirts and dresses and boys dress neatly. The non-Christian school generally has no dress codes and encourages the philosophy of "do your own thing" by having minimal restrictions.
  19. Parents and students are expected to cooperate spiritually, academically, and in matters of conduct and discipline. In a non-Christian school, the poor attitude of not trying one's best is looked upon as the norm rather than the exception.

D.  History                                

1Lighthouse Christian School was started in July of 1983 as a ministry of Lighthouse Baptist Church to serve eight children from the church families.  In June 1983, Lighthouse Baptist Church was started with twelve people in an old rented house in Remerton, Georgia.  In January of 1984 the Church was given five acres of land on Bemiss Road from the former Tabernacle Baptist Church.  In April of 1984, the church and school was moved to its permanent location at 4565 Bemiss road.  The ministries of Lighthouse Baptist Church include a Children’s Church Ministry, Youth Program, Music Ministry, Mission Program that literally reaches around the world, an Adult Educational Program, Sunday Bible School, Christian School, Christian Daycare, Visitation Program, along with three weekly Worship Services.

  1. From its beginning in July of 1983 serving eight students from the church, Lighthouse Christian School now serves 60+ students from Christian families throughout the community and neighboring areas.  The purpose of Lighthouse Christian School is to provide a Christ-centered organization dedicated to leading people to a voluntary commitment to the Lordship of Christ, and to develop each person’s God-given spiritual, physical, mental, social and artistic gifts to the fullest potential.  In addition to the school, the facilities also house a Christian Daycare Center which serves an additional 70+ children daily.

         There has been a steady increase in enrollment since 1983 with a peak enrollment of eighty students in the school.  The facilities have been expanded throughout the years to accommodate school and daycare growth.