III.     Reporting/Report Cards/Records

A.  Grading Scale

Students in the K-5 through 3rd Grade must make at least a 90% or better on each PACE test, or they will have to repeat the PACE  and re-take the test.  This process will continue until the student masters the PACE. Students in Grades 4-12, must make at least an 85% or better on each PACE test, or they will have to repeat the PACE and re-take the test.


                 The following grading scale is used throughout the school:

                             A+       98-100             C+       86-87 

                             A         96-97               C         83-85

                             A-        94-95               C-        80-83

                             B+       92-93               D+       76-79  

                             B         90-91               D         70-75

                             B-        88-89               F          69 & below


An "Incomplete (Inc.)" grade is given when requirements have not been met. A student is given ample time to make up an incomplete grade. If it is not made up within the prescribed time (usually one day of grace for each day absent), the grade changes to an "F".

B.  Report Cards

Lighthouse Christian School is on a nine-week reporting period. A report card can be picked up by the parent at the end of each parent/teacher fellowship that follows after the nine-week period. If an account becomes delinquent, the report card will be held until arrangement for payment has been made with the Business Office.

C.  Progress Reports

A mid-term progress conference is requested by the student’s supervisor at the half-way point of the nine-week reporting period to discuss your child's academic progress as well as showing areas of conduct that need to be improved.  Parent Conferences are our way of working with each family concerning the child's educational, social, physical and spiritual well-being.  At least one parent must come in for an interview with the student's supervisor or principal at all conferences. Parents are encouraged to communicate with their child’s supervisor on a regular basis. SupervisorsWELCOME OPPORTUNITIES TO TALK WITH PARENTS; HOWEVER, APPOINTMENTS SHOULD BE MADE SO AS NOT TO CONFLICT WITH REGULARLY SCHEDULED DUTIES.   The need may arise from time to time for special conferences.  If you would like to have a conference with your supervisor, principal or Pastor Burt, please call the office to set a time.  Please DO NOT call the supervisors at home or discuss school problems during Church services.  If the situation needs immediate attention, then call Mr. Goldsberry or Pastor Burt after hours.  Appointments with administrative staff should not be made until a conference with the supervisor is attempted first, unless there are unusual circumstances. Problems are to be discussed with supervisors and others directly involved. Please do not involve other parents, students, etc., who are not part of the problem or the solution. Students and their parents are kindly asked to refrain from sowing discord by talking to others concerning problems they have with the school or a supervisor. Please know that it is the desire of all the staff of Lighthouse Christian School to solve problems and work toward solutions of any problems involving your children. We will spare no effort to that end.

D.  Permanent Records

The permanent record of each student contains the academic record, immunization record, application for admission, standardized test results and record of disciplinary concerns.  Each year these records are updated with new academic records, standardized test results and disciplinary concerns.  All files are kept in a fire proof cabinet in the office.  The administration and faculty have access to these records.  These records are also available to parents of students.  The permanent record serves as a transcript when a student transfers from Lighthouse Christian School or enters college.  A copy of current students and all graduates records are kept off campus in a rented storage unit.  All inactive students’ records are also kept in the same rented storage unit.