IV.     Library

A.  Purpose

  1.       Support the curriculum
  2.       Encourage pleasure reading
  3.       Develop library research in students
  4.       Provide access to computer for student’s use

B.  Collection

We are continuing building our library by adding new books.  We have a good selection of books on the elementary, junior high, and high school levels.  We encourage our parents to help supply books.

C.  Staff

We currently staff our library with volunteers.  Our administrator oversees the operations of the library.

D.  Cataloging System

The Lighthouse Christian School library uses the Dewey Decimal System to catalog books.  All books checked out are entered on the librarian’s computer under the student’s name and learning center and the due date are noted.

E.  Rules

1.   Our library uses the Dewey Decimal System with corresponding card catalog.

2.   There is a fine for overdue books.

3.   Students may not check out another book if they have an overdue book.

4.   Students may check out two books at a time for two weeks.

F.  Student Use

1.  A library schedule will be posted in the library.  You will need to schedule a weekly visit to the library.

2.  On the first trip to the library, your class will receive instruction on the proper use and care of the library.  Make sure your children are following these suggestions.

3.  Supervisors and students alike should not talk above a low whisper while utilizing library services.

4.  Encourage your students to read. Encourage them to choose books on their level and ask the librarian for her suggestions.

5.  VERY IMPORTANT: Stress the importance of returning books to the library on the appropriate date.

G.  Media

The school has an overhead projector, screen, Classroom Performance System, and VCR/monitors that are available for classroom use.  A calendar for scheduling the use of this equipment is found in the library, and the dates you desire must be posted along with the exact time you wish to use it.  (Please be reasonable in your use).  Any borrowed equipment should be returned to its proper location when you are finished.  Do not leave it in your room overnight.

The office has a current catalog of video that can be ordered.

Students should not be permitted to operate audio/visual equipment unless you are certain they are experienced in doing so.

H.  Computer/Internet

Computer usage in the library is limited to checking books in and out of the library and for research purposes.  Students may only utilize the Internet while under the close supervision of the librarian.