VII.     Field Trips

A.  Purpose

Weekly (Local)

Upon occasion, and at the discretion of the Administration, all students may have an opportunity to participate in local field trips with the fulfillment of minimum requirements.  However, to participate in regular weekly field trips, student must be on “L,” “C,” or “S” privilege level. 

Quarterly (Out of town)

A student must be on A or B honor roll.  They must maintain  academic balance for the quarter and quote the weekly Scripture on time.

B.  Procedures

  1. Field trips are to be brought to the principal's attention BEFORE any plans begin. You will receive the date of your field trip no later than noon. Write a note of request, stating the place, date, and purpose.
  2. No more than one field trips will be permitted in a week. There should be educational and recreational field trips
  3. Permission slips must be signed by parents for each child and in the possession of the supervisor the day before leaving on the field trip. The slips should be on the bottom of a letter written by the supervisor communicating the details of the trip to the parents at least one week in advance. Use designated form.
  4. Ask far enough in advance that transportation can be easily secured. A driver will be secured for you. Give request to office.
  5. BEFORE asking parents to help, check with the principal.
  6. Avoid signing up on a day when another class is already signed up.
  7. Standard school dress code applies to all field trips.
  8. Any change of school dress code must be approved in advance by Mr. Principal.
  9. Remember, since field trips are school-sponsored activities, you are responsible for student and conduct.
  10. Supervise cleanup, etc., following activity. Be sure you leave the premises just as you found them, or better.
  11. No field trips and/or activities will be approved before or after school hours on or off campus. (Group or partial group activities for rewards, incentives, etc.)
  12. A detailed outline of specific times - that is, arrivals, departures, etc., needs to be submitted the day before.
  13. If a child comes dressed inappropriately for a field trip, send a note to your principal.
  14. Supervisors must have one set of "Emergency Cards" with them at all times on the field trip.

C.  Follow-Up

Instructional field trips are utilized to provide experiential learning and reinforce classroom concepts.  Teachers are instructed to provide reflection activities after each field trip.  Reflection may include discussion, report writing, oral reports, or letter writing.