VIII.  Extra-Curricular Activities/Awards

A.  Awards

1.   Honors Graduates

Honors graduates are those students who have a 3.0 average (4-pt. scale, solids only) for grades 9-12 at the end of 15 quarters. Those with a GPA close to 3.0 will also be calculated after the 16th quarter grades are in.

2.   Advanced course grades

Extra quality points according to the grade in advanced math, physics, physiology, and foreign language II.   Example:  A=5 pts. B=4 pts.

3.   Honor Roll

Honor Roll recognizes academic achievement in each quarter.

1.  Categories of Honor Roll

a.  Pastor’s Honor Roll

All grades are A+, A, or A-

b.  "A" Honor Roll

All grades are A or B and the average is at least an A.

c.  "A/B" Honor Roll        

All grades are A or B and the average is a B.

d.  "B" Honor Roll

All grades are A, B, or C and the average is a B or higher.

4.  Valedictorian or Salutatorian

Valedictorian is the first-place GPA, and Salutatorian is the second..

5.   Lamp of Learning

The Lamp of Learning Award is given to the one student in the High School Learning Center having the highest grade-point average for that year only (4 pt. scale). All students who wish to be eligible for Lamp of Learning honors must take a minimum of 4 solid subjects out of a possible 7 each year.

Solids which must be taken in 4 years at LCS to graduate:


Social Studies.........................................4




Computer Technology/Fine Arts............1

Foreign Language..................................2   

                           Total                          20



6.   Other Awards

People tend to work harder when they anticipate personal benefit; an important principle of A.C.E. is rewarding achievement. Students who complete academic goals earn rewards (stars, privilege status, green dots). Other suggestions for encouraging academic achievement are given below.

a.  Congratulations Slips

For immediate recognition of PACE success, Congratulations slips should be passed out by the pastor/administrator each school morning during opening exercises.

b.  Weekly Field Trips

Students should earn the privilege of attending a weekly field trip or special activity, and requirements should be diversified enough to enable all students to qualify. Avoid setting requirements too high or using the same requirements too often. Suggested requirements are as follows:

• two stars for the week

• academic balance at week 3, 6, and 9

• monthly Scripture

• predetermined number of pages completed by whole student body during the week

c.  Privilege Area      

Designate a special area/room “PRIVILEGE AREA” to be used by students who earn privilege status. It should be near the Learning Center to facilitate supervision. Equip it (table tennis, video player, game tables, and books) and decorate it (bright, cheerful, and uplifting character and privilege posters, colorful scenes on calendar and pictures, etc.).

d.  Scoring

Students on “C” and “E” privilege status do not require the supervisor/teacher’s permission to score.

e.  Honor Roll and Honor Roll Outings

Special Honor Roll recognition and outings reward students for high achievement. See Section for more details on the Honor Roll privilege.

f.  1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 Clubs

Each student who scores 100 percent on a PACE Test becomes a member of the 100 Club. Ten 100s moves him to the 1000 Club board; twenty to the 2000 Club, etc. Provide a special 100 Club item for display in his office, small 1000 Club trophy, and larger 2000 Club trophy. All items can be displayed in individual student offices.

g.  Athletic Awards

A special athletic award program is provided in the spring to give recognition and rewards to students for their achievement in athletics.  Awards vary depending on the sport.  Parents and students are invited to a special banquet with lots of food and fun.  Usually a special speaker will be the main part of the program.


B.  Organizations

National Christian Honor Society (10-12th Grade)

Lighthouse Christian School is a member of the American Christian Honor Society. Members of the Honor Society are selected on the basis of testimony, scholarship, character, service, and leadership. Qualified members are chosen by a scholarship committee with a heavy emphasis on the grade-point average (3.3 [B]out of a 4.0). A student may be dropped from membership if he fails to maintain all of the required qualifications.

Quota Club (5-12th Grade)

Lighthouse Christian School is a member of the Azalea City Quota Club Charter.  We focus our dedication and service to the senior community.  Students are encouraged to volunteer their personal time to serve others and their community.  Many students volunteer right here at Lighthouse Christian School, their church, or neighborhoods. Lighthouse Quota students are required to complete a minimum of 50 hours of service annually or an average of 7 hours per school month to participate in Quota activities. Those students that complete over one hundred hours of service are recognized at the end of the school year, as well as, being invited to attend the 100 hour field trip.   

          *Being a part of the ACE ministry and curriculum, each year the students raise money for the BLESS Program.  The BLESS program is active in reaching out to indigent and underprivileged children in countries around the world, such as the Philippines and India. BLESS Centers teach children reading and basic math skills but, most important, introduce them to Jesus Christ through God’s Word. This 12–15 week program culminates with the reading of the Gospel of Mark.  The students have successfully raised enough money to start two BLESS schools.  More information may be found HERE.

C.  Activities – Including Sports

Students participating in extra-curricular activities will wear the prescribed clothing or athletic uniform. Shorts are not acceptable dress for either boys or girls.  While participating in regularly scheduled athletic practices or games, students may wear the customary uniform of the sport. Following the activity or athletic event, the participants must change into clothes which conform to the regular school dress code, except when the permission of the activity coordinator or teaching coach has been obtained to remain dressed otherwise.

Student spectators at athletic events must wear clothing which conforms to the school dress regulations.

Dress appropriate for school field trips will be designated at the time the trip is authorized.

Girls' formal dresses to be worn at banquets for school activities must conform to the dress code, i.e., no strapless, spaghetti straps, see-through, or low-cut dresses may be worn. Homecoming and Jr./Sr. Banquet gowns must be checked by a lady supervisor at least one week before the activity in case changes need to be made.

1.  Student Conventions                                                                  

All students ages 13-19 must attend the Regional Student Convention.  Students are allowed to choose six performance events, such as music, athletics, speech, and dramatics.  They may also choose six events that are non-performance, such as photography, needle/thread, and arts.  Students must place in first or second place in order to compete on the international level.  The International Student Convention is optional to everyone.

2.  Participation in Sports

Only eligible students may participate in inter-scholastic athletics.  The athletic program consist of girls volleyball and boys and girls basketball.  A student must be on academic balance for each quarter. The number of PACEs will be checked at mid-term (progress report) and end (report card) of each grading period. Students who become ineligible for extra-curricular activities will remain so until the student is back on academic balance. At least one game must be missed if this occurs.

A student will also forfeit the right to participate in at least one game if he has two hours of detention in any given week.

3.  Booster Club                                        

The Lighthouse Christian School Booster Club is a group of parents and interested friends who have indicated a desire to be a special help to Lighthouse Christian School through daily prayer and regular financial contributions for the ongoing operation of the school. Membership drives are held each fall. Membership is open to anyone with a desire to promote and support Lighthouse Christian School.

4.  Parent/Teacher Fellowship

Lighthouse Christian School has a Parent/Teacher fellowship at the end each nine-week period.  Each Learning Center has a special program.  Refreshments are usually provided afterward. A report card can be picked up by the parent at the end of each parent/teacher fellowship.  These fellowships are designed to help keep the parents sold on Christian Education.

5.  Parties            

a.  Birthday parties are not allowed for each student. Cupcakes, etc., may be passed out at supervisor's discretion. Any candy must be a readily consumable type (no hard candy). No red or blue colored drinks.

b.  There are two parties each school year - Christmas and Valentine's Day.

c.  These parties will be discussed in a general staff meeting at least one week in advance.

d. An end-of-the-year party may be desired if time permits. Special permission must be secured from the principal.

e.  There should be no parties other than those already discussed.

f.  Before asking parents to help, CHECK with the principal.

g.  Surprise parties given by students are not allowed. If you are in question, please ask.

h.  The policy is this: NO PARTIES other than Christmas or Valentine's. Any eating or drinking in the classroom for any reason must be approved in advance.

6.  Annual Grandparent’s Day

Lighthouse Christian School sponsors a Grandparent’s Day Luncheon in September every year.  Each Learning Center has a special part in the program.  The older students provide a meal and serve as waiters to honor each Grandparent present.  Special gift are provided to each grandparent.  These fellowships are designed to help keep the parents and grandparents sold on Christian Education.

D.  Advisors/Coaches

Before securing part-time or full-time people to work in any area, the person in charge must submit the name to the appropriate pastoral staff person for approval.  Names will be discussed at the pastoral staff meeting before approval is given.  The pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church makes the final decision on hiring all employees.