Application Fee per Child

$50 Registration Fee Due upon Registration
(Family Maximum of $150)

Grades 2nd - 12th

$400 Matriculation Fee first student per year
(After the first child there will be $150 discount/child)
$350 Curriculum Fee per student per year (optional)
This fee is for a total of 72 Paces per year.
There will be a $5 charge per Pace over 72 Paces.
$75+ Per Course furnished by LCS

Other Fees

$5 Per Failed Pace
$25 Return Check Fee
$50 Late Fee
$60 GACS Fee & Iowa Testing Fees
(The Annual Iowa Test is given only at Lighthouse)
$60 Activity Fee (optional)
$75 Deep South Jr. Convention
(Students ages 8 - 12)
$200 Deep South Regional Convention or GACS Fine Art
(Students ages 13 - 19, if qualified)
All monthly payments are due on the first of month and a late fee will be added after the tenth of the month.
There are other fees for graduating Seniors. For accreditation a student must be enrolled in our program for two years and must meet all academic requirements.
NOTE: Any student who wishes to enroll in Lighthouse Christian School during any portion of a quarter, will only need to pay the difference between the Home School Price and the Regular School Price.
Students may participate in extra curricular activites with Lighthouse Christian School, if the Activity Fee is paid.
All students must compete at the Jr. or Deep South Regional Student Conventions or the GACS Fine Arts Convention. All the students ages 8-12 years old are eligible for the Deep South Jr. Convention regardless if they are enrolled in our program or not. Each student to qualify for the Deep South Regional Convention must be currently enrolled and actively studying in a complete course of at least two of the five Accelerated Christian Education core subjects (math, English, social studies, science, or Word Building). If not they must attend the GACS Fine Art Program each year.