Dress Standards: There may be occasions when students are requested to wear dress clothing. Boys should have a white button down dress shirt, dress pants, tie and dress shoes available. Girls should wear Sunday dress and dress shoes.

Appearance Guidelines

Boys: Male students must have a standard, conservative haircut. No “punk” or “fad” hair styles. The hair is to be tapered and is to be off the collar. It is to be above the ears, with sideburns no longer than the middle of the ears. No facial hair is permitted on students. Belts are to be worn on all pants with belt loops.
Girls: Girls should wear dresses and skirts which are no shorter than the bottom of the knee. No splits above the knees are allowed. Dresses and blouses must come to the neckline in front (to the clavicle bone) and back (to the bottom of the neck), without see-through material. Hosiery, makeup, and jewelry should be conservative.
Note: Students may have plain jackets, book bags, totes, lunch boxes, etc... (NO pictures and NO writing allowed on these items, except the student’s or school’s names).

Those who want to participate in Sports
or P.E. Classes must meet the dress
standards of Lighthouse Christian School.

Students must maintain these
standards at all times when on
the campus or on field trips with
Lighthouse Christian School.

All Students must abide by the Student Handbook.