Schools on LCS Satellite Program may choose which type of accreditation program:
      a) Dual Enrollment with ACE
      b) GAPSAC through Georgia Association of Christian Schools.

      LCS Satellite Program is an extension of Lighthouse Christian School. Lighthouse Christian has continued to maintain MODEL SCHOOL STATUS with the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum. Lighthouse Christian School is fully accredited through GAPSAC of the Georgia Association of Christian School which is recognized by the State of Georgia. However, the students enrolled in our satellite school program receives the benefits of accreditation through GAPSAC provided they meet the same requirements that Lighthouse Christian School meet. We are also able to allow students to be dual enrolled with the Accelerated Christian Education program. There will be an annual fee of $200 per student that would like to dual enrolled with ACE. The student must meet all the academic requirements plus attend Regional Student Convention for dual enrollment.
      You may call, e-mail, or write if you have questions, or you may come into the office at any time during regular office hours. Except for holidays, we are open Monday thru Friday, from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Satellite School Responsibilities
     1. Pay the School Registration Fee and collect all students fees and mail to Lighthouse.
     2. Submit student application, Certified Birth Certificate, Immunization Records, EED (GA Form 3300) and copy of Social Security Card.
     3. Administer all Diagnostic tests, Self tests, Pace tests. (The National Iowa Test is only given at Lighthouse)
     4. Maintain the same record-keeping system as Lighthouse: 

           Student Yearly Progress Chart
           Weekly Goals Chart
           Attendance Record
           Academic Transcript of each student
     5. Follow the same school calendar and daily operations as Lighthouse.
     6. Mail all Pace tests and fees of students that are enrolled at Lighthouse Satellite Program to the office of Lighthouse by the 30th of each month.
     7. Prepare your students for student conventions.
     8. All staff must attend ACE training sessions.